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Our story

OB1 is an Account Information Provider (AIP).
We aggregate and present all your accounts in one place. Designed toput you in control

Where it began

It all began in March 2022. Our founder was struggling to keep on top of his finances. That meant logging into several banking sites, recording the balances manually then adding them together. It just didn’t make sense to have to do this a few times each week and several times a month. There just had to be a smarter way of seeing an snapshot of all his accounts.

Jump forward 6 months and its September 2022. , the OB1 App arrived. We decided to make it FREE, simple and easy to use. To ensure a great user experience you won’t see any Ads. Our focus has been on:

  • Simple, clean user-friendly design

  • Quickly accessing the information you need to help save time

  • Security: all information is encrypted; transactions are not possible. For that we recommend using your bank’s own App/Website

Continually striving to delivery a great service.
Look out for new features and enhancements coming your way soon. Please drop us any suggestions via the Contact form.